Seller's Highway To A Successful Closing

Many sellers may not be aware of the necessary steps required before your business can be brought to market; they include:

  • Collecting and analyzing your financial reports and comparing them to your industry averages.
  • Establishing mutual trust and respect between the broker and seller.
  • Developing an accurate, positive Deal Book representing your company to the market

After bringing your company to market we will: 

  • Market your business through many channels including our own buyer and Private Equity Group network; place confidential web ads on over 80 high traffic sites; and target qualified strategic buyers obtained through our data base. 
  • Answer all emails and phone call inquires. Absolutely no information will be given out beyond what you have agreed to disclose until the potential buyer has signed our Non-Disclosure, Confidential, and Process Agreement.
  • Have extensive conversations with potential buyers presenting your business.
  • Identify interested potential buyers for conference calls with you, the buyer and NABB.
  • Solicit Letters of Intent
  • Schedule and lead a site visit for the potential buyer.
  • Negotiate and represent your interests to obtain the best price and terms.
  • Coordinate the buyer's due diligence.
  • We will help identify legal methods to minimize your tax liability for your CPA's review
  • Work with all parties to ensure a successful and timely close.

North American Business Brokers will help you sell your business for the best possible price and terms with the highest level of confidentiality.