North American Business Brokers, LLC offers significant benefits to owners who are considering the sale of their business. We have achieved an extremely high closing rate of over 80%. 

How does North American Business Brokerage LLC maintain such a high success rate? Here are just three of the many practices that set us apart:

  • Our agents take no more than four listings at a time; rather than attempting to accumulate as many listings as possible. By limiting ourselves to only six listings each, our agents are able to focus on your company and its sale.
  • We focus on quality, not quantity. We are not the largest brokerage firm, but then again you are not trying to sell a dozen businesses just one - yours.
  • We take the lead throughout the process until your closing. We obtain the best possible Letter of Intent; we lead the parties through the due diligence with your CPA, and through the negotiations including the final closing documents with your attorney. In this manner, we ensure these critical points are under our professional leadership.